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This documentation template project uses Gatsby and a few plugins to create content.

See the demo page for an example of components and styles.

  • Content Authoring: Content pages use Markdown syntax in MDX files so that you can focus on writing while still using components when they're handy.
  • Styles: Styles primarily come from the global.css file. CSS custom properties make themeing and editing styles simple. A few pages and components also use styled-components. This makes it easy to customize some components as needed without cluttering the global css file.
  • Site Navigation: The side-bar navigation is built using the toc.yaml file. As it is set up currently, this requires a little manual work when adding or removing links, but it provides good customization for re-ordering things.
  • SEO: The site uses React Helmet for SEO. Pass props to the SEO component to override defaults. This component is also used to set the theme with React Context.